Use your voice

“Tell me I’m the Queen, y’all,” I begged everyone in the office Wednesday morning.

No takers. Yet again.

It’s a slippery slope when four people work in an office, and all four watch The Voice. It’s even more slippery when it gets down to the final four grand season finale and all four of us wanted someone different to win.

It was a bookie’s dream.

I called Chris Blue as the winner from the blind auditions. Even Sherrie, who is a Jesse fan, will admit that. Kevin was #teamAliyah, while Dolores liked Lauren the mostest.

It wasn’t even tense until somebody got snippy because I had played Chris Blue’s cover of  Rhythm Nation from the night before only three times on YouTube, the volume not even on 10-ish.

Those who know me best will not be surprised at this.

But no bets were placed as we quietly left the office Tuesday night, each one of us secure we knew who the winner of The Voice would be. (Spoiler alert coming)

They did not know.

Not to gloat, but “winner, winner, fried Spam and potatoes dinner.” The office winner gets to choose, right?

Still, we haven’t unfriended each other on Facebook. Yet. I should check.

This just in – most of us haven’t unfriended each other on Facebook.

We haven’t had caps and t-shirts made noting the other’s obvious inferiorities as human beings because of our respective opinions; and I don’t anticipate Thanksgiving being awkward this year, unless somebody messes up a key dish then all bets are off.

It’s how we roll. (Pun should be noted, strongly.)

Now, on to more important things.

Graduation at our area high schools will be held this weekend.

My oldest great-nephew, Jordan Amador, will graduate Rider High School, and the children and grandchildren of some of my best friends will graduate Iowa Park HIgh School and Rider as well.

What I want to say to graduates of both high schools and colleges is don’t believe some of the hateful things being said about your generation. I say this because I have two children not too much older than you, and I find them to be thoughtful, intelligent and fair human beings.

You are not snowflakes, or irresponsible, or without a voice. You are young, yes, and so were the people who would have you believe those things.

Please dare to dream, to form your own opinions and use your voice – but use it so very responsibly. And use it in a way that heals and promotes growth,  and not as a weapon.

When I graduated Iowa Park High School 34 years ago, my principal, the late and legendary Bob Dawson, said in a speech to our class, “If I am looking at the leaders of tomorrow, stop the world because I want off.”

We actually did better than one would have thought as a class (shout out to IPHS Class of 1983!)

But there is work to do,  and you have to do it together.

The disrespect I’m seeing on social media among people of my generation is alarming. But I don’t see it so much with yours’ and it gives me hope. Keep working for positive change. Keep an open mind and open heart. And choose your words carefully. They do not go away, nor does the damage they can cause.

Blessings to the Class of 2017. It’s a big world, and you are up for the challenge.

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