I need pantsuits and pink Nikes

It’s December in the news biz, and congruent thoughts are hard to come by right now, at least for me.

So, this week I hope you forgive me for sharing the random thoughts I had while trying to think of a good topic to write about, instead of writing an actual blog. It’s an accidental invitation into what my brain looks like on the daily.

This happens occasionally, and on this occasion, I’m blaming it on Bossanova.

If I get a sweet pair of these for Christmas, I might run … for office.

• I don’t own enough pantsuits or pink Nikes to run for public office.

• If it becomes illegal to drive and eat fast food burritos, I will feel partially responsible.

• Equanimous is my new word of the week. It means calm and composed. It is also my goal of the week.

• Every day on my way to work, I pass by a commercial softball field that sits off the road a bit. It was built just a couple years ago, I believe. (If I make any mistakes in this thought, don’t send angry letters\emails, I only go to ballgames to be entertained by the drunks in the right field stands.)

Monday I noticed a big “For Sale” sign in front of it, and my first thought was “who would be in the market to buy a giant softball field?” After ticking off a list of potential buyers – a semi-pro softball team is the only thing that came to mind – I realized that I would think about buying it if I had 10 or more children. We could be our own league.

Or I might buy it if I was a budding bull fighter in north Texas, or had dreams of a dog park with spectator seating and indoor bathrooms.

• Men sometimes have ridiculous expectations. A man told me this week that he likes it when a woman has painted fingernails because, “it looks like she cares.” I looked at my plain fingernails and said, “Oh, I care. Just not about painting my nails.”

• My dog, Erma, has serious boundary issues. As I type this, her nose is a quarter inch from my face, and she is staring at me without blinking or changing facial expressions. It’s creepy and unsettling.

I am trying to remain equanimous.

May your week be good, your Christmas preparations equanimous, and your thoughts congruent.

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