Get you a cup … of Padre Pods

The best ideas come from the most unlikely places.

I had almost – almost – given up on Facebook as having any redeeming social value.

Between the balsamic vinegar Brussels sprouts recipe debacle (a recipe I found on Facebook, by the way) and a constant World Wrestling Federation-style barrage of people trying to change other people’s political affiliations, I was close to requiring a flak jacket and gas mask when I logged on.

Then Padre posted Wednesday morning.

Padre is a Presbyterian minister in Waxahachie whose real name is Matt. I went to school with Matt, and I still follow him because he has never posted about Brussels sprouts and I’ve never heard nor seen him use a childish moniker to describe somebody he disagreed with. Also, I think he’s a great guy in general.

According to his Facebook post, he woke up to a broken coffee pot, something akin to a sign from God to go back to bed in my world. And I told him so.

His other friends took the opportunity to put his coffee pot in their prayers; and one opined it would be good material for his Sunday sermon.

But the best came from another friend from school, Kent, who suggested the Padre dip coffee grounds like snuff until he could make it to the store to buy a new coffee maker.

That’s when a cottage industry was born – coffee pouches to put between your lip and gums in a dire emergency, and waking up to a broken coffee pot qualifies as a dire emergency in my world.

I even came up with a name – Padre Pods.

Looks like I’m going to need some financial backers for this venture; also some test subjects (no chihuahuas, please) and a whole lot of espresso roast beans.

I think we can do this, with the Padre’s blessing. Send all checks, test subjects and beans to the office.

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5 thoughts on “Get you a cup … of Padre Pods

  1. I’ve heard that you can get a quicker fix by inserting espresso pods into the rear door (also known as the poop tube). Just a thought … please don’t ban me from replying.

  2. ??? Kari I will volunteer to be a test subject. At least until my B/P starts running really high again. Great idea and always enjoy Your column ?

  3. I also volunteer to test the Padre Pods, for you & for Matt… I am a team player! However a tweak needs to be made for the addition of creamer and sugar. I prefer the taste sweet & creamy with a touch of cinnamon or if you’re really interested in making your test subjects happy…Carmel Vanilla creamer. Let me know when & where to show up!

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